There are places and buildings people in the Northland won't go near because it is too scary. What are those places for you?

Everyone knows about Nopeming. When I talk about scary locations, the first question people ask is, "Have you been to Nopeming?" Yes, it's haunted. I've been to the William A. Irvin. It's listed on many haunted websites and having things happen. This is not about where I have been, this is about what you think is haunted.

I have put together a list of places people have asked me to investigate over the years, some of them are documented on places and by people that they are haunted. Others have people talking about them and telling me stories about how they are haunted.

Chris Allen
Chris Allen

One of those places is Calvary Cemetery, there is a story that if you sit by the evergreens in the front of the cemetery, you will see balls of light that dance in the air just as the sky goes dark. Oneida Cemetery has stories of hearing footsteps and voices of people talking in the older part of the cemetery.

Fairlawn in Superior has voices and people have seen apparitions of people walking around. Greenwood Cemetery has voices, direct answers to questions I have asked, and I have captured a person on film.

People have captured foggy apparitions on film and faces in windows at Glensheen Mansion. There are stories of former employees and ghosts that haunt Split Rock Light House at night. There have been voices and spirits captured on film at the Depot in Duluth.

I have put together a list, made up of my experiences and other places people have mentioned to me. You tell me everywhere you think is haunted, you can check as many as three.

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