Duluth has seen a business boom as of late. And that got me thinking, what businesses have gone by the wayside to make room for all this new improvement?  I grew up in West Duluth in the 80's. This town has seen some drastic change since then. For the most part it's all been good. But, there are a few businesses that I wish I could bring back, so this is my list, take it as you will.

  1. Chuck-E-Cheese. For those that don't remember, we used to have a Chuck-E-Cheese in the Miller Hill Mall, where Ulta is now. The ultimate birthday party location! If you had your party there, you were guaranteed to be the talk of the school for a week, maybe two.
  2. Toy-R-Us. This store was not open when I was a kid. But I wish it was open now that I have a kid. Not that he needs any more toys...yes he's spoiled.
  3. Fashion Bug. I loved this little store in West Duluth. You could always find a great outfit for a really good price, and the staff was always nice and helpful.
  4. Godfather's Pizza. The last remaining store only closed a few years ago, it was in Superior. They made the most incredible taco pizza in the world. And they had a very affordable, pizza buffet to die for.
  5. Chi-Chi's. No one made Mexican food like Chi-Chi's in Fitger's. There have been several similar restaurants in the same location since, but none have been able to compare to el maestro.

So, there are the businesses that I miss. Feel free to comment below and share some of the businesses that you remember.


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