According to, every state in the US has their very own tourist trap. For Minnesota they say it's the megalithic Mall of America. And rightly so, boasting 520 stores it attracts over 42 million visitors every year. That got me thinking, what's the biggest tourist trap in Duluth? Anyone who has lived here for a few years knows that Duluth relies heavily on tourism revenue. We love tourists, we welcome them. And for the few months of the year that we're graced with pleasant weather, it seems that the bulk of tourists that come to Duluth are in one spot.  Canal Park.  This is my pick for the biggest tourist trap in all of Duluth.

I used to work at a radio station in Canal Park, and in the summertime, I'm sorry to say but tourists were the bain of my existence. With every event going on at either the DECC or Bayfront Festival Park, or the Lift Bridge having to have to go up and down like it does, it made going to work a nightmare.

People seem to forget other parts of the city sometimes, as well as the North Shore and Superior. Last summer my husband and I took our son to Spirit Mountain Adventure Park and we rode the Timber Twister, we all had a blast!

Just a short drive up Highway 61 you'll find Tom's Logging Camp, the kids can feed tame animals, take a hike on a nature trail, visit the gift shop, have a bite to eat, no smart phones needed.

And just over the bridge in Superior you can show off your golfing skills at Capt'n J's Mini Golf at Barker's Island. Or prove how much you can embarrass you kids, either way it's a win-win.

Nothing personal against Canal Park, this is just my opinion. Maybe it's just that there are so many great businesses all packed into one area with limited traffic flow in and out? Who knows, I thought I'd present a few options for the rest of the city and surrounding areas.

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