Tonight the inner city rivalry tightens up. I will be giving you up to date information throughout the night right here on Not to mention follow me on Twitter at @ESPN560NICK. Also you can listen online right here.

Denfeld starts the game with ball first.

The Hunters moving the ball deep into the Grey Hounds territory.

The Hunters had the ball inside the 10 yard line but another holding penalty moves them back.

Double-reverse gives the Hunters a 34 yard touchdown run.

The Hunters no good on a two point conversion.

Duluth East start their first possession in the game at their own 14 yard line.

Grey Hounds fumble the ball, the Hunters recover it for a defensive touchdown!

The Hunters had to many players on the field so timeout taken by Denfeld.

The Hunters go for the extra point, and it is good.

13-0 Hunters early in the first quarter. 

Denfeld intensity is not being matched by the Grey Hounds, this game could get away from East early.

East gets the ball over midfield, trying to get on the scoreboard.

Duluth East cannot move the chains on a third-and-long, East go for it on fourth down, and turn the ball over on downs.

Face Masking penalty on Denfeld gives East another chance with 4th and one.

End of 1st Quarter. 13-0 Denfeld over East. 

East turns the ball over on downs

The Hunters have a 3rd and seven at midfield.

Holding penalty on Denfeld, forces a 3rd and 16 for the Hunters.

Incomplete pass, Denfeld forced to punt on 4th down.

Great punt by the Hunters, Duluth East starts their possession at their own seven yard line.

The weather is becoming a issue, the way Denfeld is running the ball, East might not be able to get back into this game.

Duluth East has the ball at midfield.

Lighting has been seen, game delayed 30 min.

The game is about to resume.

The Grey Hounds resume the ball on the Hunters 25 yard line.

East turn the ball over on downs deep into Denfeld territory.

The Hunters have the ball on the 13 yard line of Duluth East.

Touchdown Hunters! 20-0 right before half-time.

Two-point conversion is good for the Hunters! 22-0 Denfeld.

Halftime Duluth Denfeld-22: Duluth East-0. 

Only a five minute halftime, second resumes right now.

East starts with the ball in the second half.

Duluth East finally get on the board.

Two-Point conversion is no good for the Grey Hounds. Hunter-22, East-6.

Onside kick is unsuccessful for the Grey Hounds, Denfeld gets the ball with great field position.

Touchdown Denfeld, Two-Point conversion is good!

Duluth East needs a answer right here, if not this game might be over even before the fourth quarter starts.

The Grey Hounds forced to punt away the ball. Denfeld gets the ball back at midfield.

First-down-and-goal for the Hunters at the 3 yard line.

Touchdown Denfeld, another rushing touchdown.

This is a second time tonight that the Hunters special team do not have enough players on the field, timeout Denfeld.

Extra-point is good for the Hunters! Denfeld-36: Duluth East-6 late in the third quarter.

Duluth East looooong touchdown! Grey Hounds respond.

Two-Point conversion is no good for the Grey Hounds. Hunters-36, East-12

Another onside kick attempt is no good for the Grey Hounds.

Denfeld gets the ball back in Grey Hound territory once again.

The Hunters running the ball all over the Grey Hounds! Denfeld has the ball first-and-goal at the 3 yard line after a 40 yard run.

Touchdown Hunters! Pushes their score to 42.

Extra point is no good for Denfeld.

End of 3rd Quarter Duluth Denfeld-42: Duluth East-12. 

Start of the fourth quarter Duluth East are faced with a 4th down and long

Interception by the Hunters! Denfeld get the ball deep in the Grey Hounds territory.

The Hunters are once again running all over the Grey Hounds D, first-down-and-goal once again for Denfeld.

Another touchdown for the Hunters, which pushed their score to 48.

Denfeld goes for two-point conversion which is good. Denfeld-50, East-12.

Duluth East faced once again with a fourth down play.

Duluth Denfeld, and Duluth East game has become a blow-out which makes the clock to continue to run.

East once again turn the ball over on downs.

Touchdown for Denfeld called back because of a penalty.

Hunters are forced to punt the ball away.

Duluth East take over at their own 6 yard line.

Grey Hounds are faced with another fourth down.

East again turn the ball over on downs. Denfeld gets the ball back deep in East territory.

Denfeld touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

Two-point conversion is good for Denfeld.

Final Duluth Denfeld-56, Duluth East-12

Denfeld wins the battle for Duluth over East. Denfeld-56, East-12