High School football season wraps up tonight when Esko hosts Rush City. I will be here all night to give you up to date stats, and scores, also follow me on twitter @ESPN560NICK. Listen online right here.

Rush City will receive the opening kick.

Bad omen for Rush City, first play is a false start.

Esko forces Rush City to go 3-and-out on opening drive.

Eskimos first drive of the night, they start on their own 30 yard line.

Interception by Rush City, Tigers have the ball in Esko territory.

Rush City turn the ball over on downs. Esko ball in their territory.

A long pass goes for a 60-plus yards for a touchdown for the Eskimos.

Extra Point is good for the Esko.

Esko-7, Rush City-0

Rush City punts the ball, and pins Esko deep in their territory.

Eskimos are moving the ball all over Rush City....Esko are driving deep into Rush City territory.

End of first quarter. Esko-7, Rush City-0

Esko is in the red zone, on Rush City 16-yard line.

First-and-Goal for Esko, on the 5-yard line.

Touchdown Esko, two-point conversion is good, Eskimos go untouched for a two-point conversion.

Esko-15, Rush City-0.

The Tigers are slowly putting together a good drive, let's see if they can put some points on the board.

Spoke to soon, tipped pass goes right into an Eskimo player, and now Esko gets the ball at Rush City 25-yard line after that long interception return.

Another touchdown for Esko, pushed their lead to 21-0.

Extra Point is good. 22-0 Esko over Rush City.

Once again the Tigers are forced to punt, but at least the punt pinned the Eskimos deep.

Esko are putting together a late drive, 2 minutes left until have time, Eskimos have the ball at midfield.

Touchdown Esko, all touchdowns have come on the run.

Extra-point is good. Esko-29, Rush City-0.

Big stat on this game, two interception for 15-points all for Esko.

Halftime, Esko-29, Rush City-0.

Eskimos will get the ball first in the second half.

Rush City defense comes up big to start the second half, forces Esko to punt on the opening drive in the second half.

The Tigers get the ball at midfield.

Rush City facing a 4th-and-10 deep in Esko territory.

The Tigers move the chains on a fourth and long play, Rush City now in the red zone for the first time today.

Pass almost intercepted by the Eskimos, Rush City facing another fourth and long

Rush City turns the ball over on downs inside the red zone, Esko has the ball on their own 12 yard-line.

Rush City cannot stop the run, Esko keeps piling up the yards on the ground, Eskimos have the ball in the Tigers territory.

Fumble on the snap, looked like the Tigers had the ball, but the referees give the back back to Esko.

Back-to-back fumbles, and this time the Tigers pick it up.

The Tigers need to get on the board now, it is do-or-die time for Rush City.

Another fourth down play for the Tigers.

A fumble on the punt, and Esko gets the ball in good field position inside the Tigers territory.

End of the Third Quarter. Esko-29, Rush City-0.

First scoreless quarter for tonight's game.

Esko trying a 44-yard field goal.

Field goal comes up just short. Rush City ball early in the fourth quarter.

Blocked punt for Esko, return it for a touchdown.

Extra-point is good, Esko-37, Rush City-0.

The Tigers get a big play on the ground, Rush City now has the ball at midfield.

The Tigers airing it out! Receiver gets tackled at the Esko 5 yard line. First and-goal for the Tigers.

QB sneak...and touchdown Tigers!. Rush City is on the board.

Extra point is no good for Rush City. Esko-36, Rush City-6

Esko gets a 50-plus touchdown run by its Sophomore QB.

Extra-point is good for Esko, Esko-43, Rush City-6

Final: Esko-43, Rush City-6.