In the mail today there were seven pieces delivered and of those seven, all of them were 'junk mail'.

They were either from credit card companies, lenders offering personal loans, or some company trying to get me to refinance my home.  I would say on average we receive about 30 letters a week that are similar.  All stuff we just rip in half and recycle or throw away.

In an unrelated internet search, I noticed a link to help stop or at least reduce how much of this junk mail receive.  Much like there is a National Do Not Call List to aid with unwanted marketing calls, there are options out there for junk mail.

The couple of avenues presented can be found on the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Advice Page.  One of them listed is the Direct Marketing Association and they can be a big help with deciding what you want to see in your mailbox.

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Options of their page include getting out of certain magazine and catalog offers, as well as options for getting less junk email.  Registration will cost you a $2.00, but it's good for ten years.  For two bucks if it cut my junk mail in half, I'd be a happy camper.

The other avenue listed is OptOutPrescreen and this is the one tied to credit offers.  Opting in or opting out will impact how many credit card and insurance offers you receive in the mail.  For the opting out individuals, there is an option for doing it for just five years or permanently.  Both can be signed up for online, but the permanent option requires you getting mailed a letter to sign and send back to them.

Less junk mail coming to your home also means less waste is being sent to landfills or out for recycling, so it's good for you and good for the environment.  If you've used any of these services to stop or reduce junk mail, did they make a difference?

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