We're now just about a week after The Fourth of July which fell on a Tuesday for 2023. Because of the middish week landing of that, most people celebrated the Fourth with families the weekend before, especially if camping was involved.  Many still decided to do it this weekend because of schedules.

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It's pretty standard that people are going to be blasting off fireworks the weeks leading up to the Fourth and of course less frequently as the weeks go on.  We certainly heard plenty and saw quite a few over Fish lake this weekend.

At the particular cabin we had posted our camper up at, a police officer showed up, and I thought someone had hired a stripper for the weekend.  I was wrong and he was actually from the St. Louis County Sheriff's Department working in an official capacity.

His stop wasn't because of a call in about us, but someone close by and he knew several people at the cabin we were at.  The call he had responded to was about fireworks, some of which we were going to shoot off too.

It was about 10:30PM or so and being it was after the Fourth, we actually asked what they have been doing with people shooting them off that late.  He said they have been pretty lenient up until 10:00-10:30 but much after that people only got told once to stop it or some kind of citation might be issued.  That's fair I think, especially if it's being done on a weeknight.

This was of course in a more rural area, so remember that local city police departments might be less lenient depending on the location.

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