I grew up in a religious household that meant we had some kind of service to attend several days a week.  This meant we had to have dress clothes, as in the guys were in suits and ties.

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Being the oldest of eight, I usually ended up with the new stuff first, but it was usually from a big box store like JCPenney.  As I got older and away from the religion, I still had an appreciation for dressing up more than usual.  I can play the dirty biker look just fine, but I do enjoy dressing up in at least a vest and maybe a tie, when going out with my Queen, especially since she likes to dress up.  Until last week though, I had still been buying suit separates from the big chain stores.


I'm getting married soon, and I said I wanted a nice suit for the special day.  I opted to snag my wedding wardrobe from Mainstream Fashions For Men.  What I liked about going to a place that specializes in dress clothes was getting people who know what they are talking about.  It's what they do all day, everyday, and it was nice to have opinions of people who know what look good.

It also didn't take them long at all to fully "fit" the suit to me.  It was back from the mild altering in less than a week too.  After a good experience, I know from here on out that even if I need just a new vest, or just a single new suit or sport coat, that I'll be shopping at a place that specializes in just that kind of clothing.  The clothes feel better, fit better, and it's a good deal for experience you get.

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