From now to September 23rd, A & E Exteriors will be donating a portion of every roofing or siding contract signed to the 23rd Veteran. The 23rd Veteran program provides a long-term transition process for Veterans leaving the military, and those who were never properly transitioned.  A & E Exteriors is a locally owned family run business that proudly supports members of the military. They know first-hand the struggles that Veterans can face when they leave the military.

The mission statement of the 23rd Veteran is to empower Veterans to lead successful lives. It's sounds simple, but it's a bigger challenge than you might think. Many Vets suffer from PTSD and panic attacks. Some unfortunately wind up taking their own lives. That's why Executive Director, Mike Waldron began this organization. He was once in that very same situation, suffering from PTSD and panic attacks after serving over seas.

You can read his story here:

There is a link to donate to right on their site. But if you need some home repair, roofing or siding, you might as well call Danielle Thrun at A & E Exteriors, she can help you with that and they will be donating a portion of every roofing or siding contract through September 23rd to the 23rd Veteran.

Visit their site here:

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