I'm a huge Denzel Washington fan, his movies usually don't disappoint and at a minimum equate to a good popcorn flick.  Meaning enough action and entertainment to keep me interested as I enjoy my popcorn and forget about life.

I really enjoyed the first Equalizer film that came out in 2014.  Good action, some mystery as to who the hero really was, a little humor, and all around entertaining.  The Equalizer 2 however didn't quite hold up to the first.

The action was there but it was too spaced out,  I understand a story was being told but it jumped around too much while tying everything together.  We did find out more about the main character than in the first film and maybe that means a third movie will fill out better.  I'm just not sure there should be a third, in fact I'm leaning towards the thinking of why there even was a second.  It's not that Denzel didn't have it, the story and development was lacking though.

After about 45 minutes in I was bored, and I don't ever walk out of movies but I thought about it.  It failed to hold my attention the way a crappy B movie on Netflix does.  You know, the ones that you have never heard of that pop into your "suggested" list with no names you recognize.

Save your pennies and wait until it's out of theaters to see it is my two cents.

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