We don't have a fridge setup with an icemaker, and while I could run a water line to it and add the necessary component, that's not happening tomorrow.

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While I do have ample freezer space for making ice, and a chest freezer in the basement, we always seem to run out of ice for making cocktails.  I won't totally blame the 11-year-old, but she's mostly to blame.  Of course, not because she makes cocktails, but ice for water and such and it's apparently easy to forget to fill the ice tray with water.

For a recent holiday, which one I can't really tell you because they all blend together, I was gifted a countertop ice maker.  My wife figured I would appreciate it and she was right.  I'll admit though, at first, I was less than impressed simply because it takes up counter space.

After having it for several months now, and a lot of use, it's become a staple appliance of the kitchen.  It's also been great for parties and just making sure there is always some ice ready in a short time.

Ice In Glass- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Ice In Glass- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

Our machine makes ice in about seven minutes, and with that first batch you get a small fist full of ice.  The subsequent batches seem to make quicker, mostly because the machine is always one and the coils that form the ice are cold.  Ours is pretty similar to this Frigidaire Ice Maker, and for the price is a pretty decent buy.  You simply keep the couple quart reservoir filled with filtered water and let it buck.

I haven't tried using it outside in the summer for parties yet but based on how it keeps ice in the unit in the home, it might do okay if not indirect sunlight.  If you are in need of an alternative for ice making in the home, a countertop ice maker might just do the job for you.

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