If you've been to any major venue recently, you've probably noticed that it's getting harder and harder to use cash to pay for food, drinks, and event merchandise. If you want a beer and a concert T-shirt, you better have plastic on hand.

As someone who likes to attend concerts and sporting events, I've grown accustomed to this and I've seen it as a common policy at places like the Minnesota State Fair, Target Field, U.S. Bank Stadium, etc. It's come to the point where I hardly carry any cash and the cash I carry can sit in my wallet for months before I spend it.

While not accepting cash is commonplace elsewhere, it hasn't impacted the Northland. However, that will change this fall when AMSOIL Arena makes a big policy change.

According to the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, beginning Friday, October 6, AMSOIL Arena will be moving exclusively to digital payments for all entertainment and the upcoming men's and women's UMD hockey season.

The DECC posted the announcement Monday on its Facebook page, clarifying that they are following the industry's lead and will only accept credit, debit, and contactless payments. Also, this change is exclusive to AMSOIL Arena and will not affect other venues or events at the DECC not taking place in AMSOIL Arena.

The benefits of cashless payments include faster lines and cost savings for the facility.
Cost savings come from fewer staff hours spent counting physical money and the ability to expand the use of the DECC’s Volunteer Fundraiser Program in these difficult-to-fill frontline positions. Local organizations provide volunteers who perform work tasks, such as concession work, in exchange for a donation made directly to the organization.

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It's important to note that those attending events at the venue can still use cash to pay for on-site parking at AMSOIL Arena.

Needless to say, there were many opinions shared on the DECC's Facebook page once the policy change was posted. While many people who've attended events at other venues weren't at all surprised, many others voiced displeasure, even saying they'll no longer go to events at the venue.

Change can be uncomfortable, but it's inevitable. Heck, I can remember when I used to have and actually balance a checkbook, but I certainly don't miss that, especially when you think about how much personal information is printed on checks, complete with your routing and account numbers.

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