This is the cute content that we need as winter starts to creep up on us! The Lake Superior Zoo just announced the birth of a baby animal, expanding their already sweet pack of animals.

Back in August, a baby monkey was born at the Lake Superior Zoo. The monkey is a Angolan Colobus and is one of the cutest things ever! You can see the baby monkey at the zoo as we speak, usually found clinging to the back of one of its parents.

A few months prior to that, the Lake Superior Zoo welcomed not one, but two Pygmy Slow Lorises to the crew. This type of animal is very rare, with less than fifty in the whole country at the time of the birth.

In my opinion, one of the cutest additions to the zoo is the the baby goral, who was born in the dead of summer this year! I hadn't actually heard of a goral until this birth. They welcomed the baby goral, named Xiazhi and now, there is another one to add to the bunch.

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The Lake Superior Zoo just announced the birth of yet another sweet baby goral. They shared the great news on their Facebook page Monday (November 7th), writing that the new baby is named Tyrone.

Tyrone now joins Xiazhi and parents Mac and Tina. This is very noteworthy because gorals are rare and the population of gorals around the world is vulnerable. They are, according to the post by the Lake Superior Zoo, threatened by deforestation and by hunters who look to gorals for medicines and trade.

These cute animals are also rare finds at zoos around the country so we are lucky in Duluth to have four. There are only twenty-five in accredited zoos across the country so to have so many at the Lake Superior Zoo is amazing.

If you want to see them as much as I do, the Lake Superior Zoo says your best chance to see them is in the mornings and afternoons, when they are most active. They can be spotted by the lower fence area of their exhibit. They like to run laps around their parents, which makes them even cuter.

More cute animals are headed our way in the future as well. The Lake Superior Zoo plans on opening a red panda exhibit next year and are seeking donations to help fund the cause. So sweet!

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