Well, that's a waste of a perfectly good chicken! A woman from Eagle Lake, Minnesota is making headlines after using a full chicken as a weapon. While I don't condone violence, she does get one point for creativity because I can't say I have ever heard of such a thing before.

According to Bring Me The News, the woman is thirty-six years old and the incident happened earlier this month (February 1st). The woman hit her boyfriend in the head after a night out at a bar.

The police report states that the woman was getting violent on the way home, spitting on her boyfriend and hitting him. Once they got back home, she used the chicken as a weapon, hitting him in the back of the head.

This was not a chicken finger or a chicken nugget. This was an entire chicken. The grossest part? The boyfriend had "chicken residue" in his hair when the cops got there, giving evidence to the fact that he was in fact hit with a chicken.

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Other local media outlets reported on the story as well, likely because it really is out there. According to FOX 9, the incident happened at 7:30 that evening and the woman remained aggressive even when police arrived. It doesn't say alcohol was a factor but I wouldn't be surprised, based on the whole chicken thing.

Because there are no particular charges for hitting someone in the back of the head with a full chicken, the woman in question is being charged with misdemeanor domestic assault and obstructing the legal process. What a waste of a perfectly good chicken.

Another odd crime story recently made headlines. A drunk guest peed on the check-in desk of a fancy Minneapolis hotel. I am not sure what possessed this person to do that but I am sure that alcohol played a massive role. Ha!

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