Scams are nothing new and there have been many circulating in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, especially lately. It seems every other day there is a new one being reported and that is the case yet again, although this scam is a bit different from the others in that it is a bit more specific.

This scam was reported by the police department in Neenah, Wisconsin. They shared details of this scam just a few days ago on Facebook, warning residents to be aware of a certain type of scammer preying on those in the area.

According to their post, scammers are targeting locals in the area and telling them they need to renew their subscription to the local Neenah News. While scammers are definitely crafty these days, using a specific news source makes this seem more legitimate than other scams.

Of course, from there they ask for your credit card or banking information so that they can renew it for you. Obviously, this is a scam. They are not renewing your subscription. Instead, they are stealing your banking information for their own financial benefit.

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It seems every time there is a scam going around, officials warn people not to give out their banking information under any circumstance. Still, some people might not hear that message, such as those in the senior community who may be more vulnerable to it.

The Neenah Police Department says to call them or reach out to them if you get a call like this. Given the fact that this is circulating in Wisconsin, it could happen in Minnesota as well. All that scammers need is a local news outlet and a good ruse.

In May of last year, a Neenah resident was scammed out of nearly twenty-thousand dollars. Sadly, an elderly person was the target and she fell victim to the scam. The scammer posed as a man named Jacob and told the victim their granddaughter was involved in an accident and needed money for bail.

Be careful out there! Of course, don't ever give out any personal or banking information to anyone you don't know. Even more so, make sure you tell your family members about scams like this so they don't fall victim.

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