Warrior Brewing was started by two disabled veterans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their mission was to create some of the finest craft beer while also giving back to the community by supporting regional non-profits that help veterans and first responders.

They were able to give back by using charitable financial contributions, and also offer workshops to members of non-profit groups. They learned how to brew, market, and spread awareness to their cause.

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In just the first two years the brewing grew from 360 BBL annual production to 1,560 BBL. They expanded their business plan and had a taproom with a food truck in the summer. Things were going well at Warrior Brewing in Duluth, Minnesota.

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Unfortunately, one of the owners could no longer work due to an unforeseen issue and has been out of work since July 2023.  The remaining owner and his family (who all work full-time jobs) have been trying to cover the workload themselves. They are looking for a new owner or a new partner to help continue the mission.

Iron Range Veteran Steve Biondich was familiar with Warrior Brewing. He learned how to make the beer. WDIO recently did a story on this where Steve said he felt the need to do something to help out Warrior Brewing.

 “They’ve gone through some hard times. If we can just help them out and continue the brewery along. Or we can at least help facilitate a sale to be able to continue the mission of helping nonprofits.”

Steve says his American Legion post benefited from the work that Warrior Brewing did. Steve runs charitable gambling at his American Legion post and had a chance to participate as a non-profit in one of Warrior Brewing's workshops.

The GoFundMe goal is to raise $50,000.

Any and all funds raised will be to help continue the operation of the brewery and its mission. If we raise enough to help the sale, it will benefit the new owners in their ability to be successful. It could prevent the closure if a sale does not come to fruition right away. And if a closure does happen it will, lessen the blow to the two veterans that put their hearts into this operation.

WDIO-TV also mentioned that Warrior Brewing continues the work during this difficult time. This weekend they are hosting a fundraising event for the Lake Superior Warriors, a disabled military hockey team.

Donate if you can on the GoFundMe page. Help spread awareness to find a new partner or owner and help this mission continue.

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