We all want to find love in life but this is really going for it! A Wisconsin man is making headlines for his unusual method of trying to find true love: a billboard. You may see this billboard if you are passing through Janesville.

People passing the billboard might think it is a prank at first but it's actually a tried and true way for one local to find love. The man's name is Robert Siegfried and he is forty-three years old. He told a local news outlet in the area he put up the billboard because nothing else is working for him.

The billboard features a photo of Robert in sunglasses, a leather jacket and a cowboy hat, smiling with his hands on his hip. At the top in big red letters, it says "DATE ROBERT" followed by "Wisconsin's #1 Eligible Bachelor" underneath. That's a pretty bold statement!

Near the bottom, the billboard states that he is looking for a "local" and "honest" woman. He also lists his phone number and tells local singles to call or text him if they are interested. I have to give Robert props for really putting it all out there!

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There is a little bit of a plot twist though. According to Channel 3000, who reported on the story, Robert has a bit of a past. The report states he has a restraining order against him as of last year and active for the foreseeable future.

The billboard is electronic so it does go back and forth between his ad and others. Hopefully, the love of his life drives by at just the right moment. I mean, that is a Hallmark movie in the making if you ask me. I would watch it!

This story was shared a few days ago via a news station in Madison. You can get to know Robert a little bit more and even see the moment he asks out the news reporter who is interviewing her! She handled that way better than I would have. Ha!

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