A  Minnesota man attempted the ultimate joke when he was pulled over recently in Chisago County, which is in the North Branch area. This person is either really bold or was under the influence of something to think they could pull this off as a joke to show this card to a police officer since not all of them have a good sense of humor.

So what card did he use? It was the "Get Out of Jail Free" card that you find in the 'Chance' pile of cards for the board game Monopoly. How many times have you said to someone you are playing that game with that you would love to put that card in your wallet and hand that over to a police officer?

Here are some of my favorite comments from their Facebook Post (above):

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So it makes you wonder if this person driving really was running the risk of going to jail or was just being funny. Personally, I can't stand board games but, Monopoly for sure because it takes too long, and playing the game as a kid my brothers and sisters would always rob me blind.

I do have to give it up to the Chisago County Sheriff's Department for seeing the humor in this situation and sharing it on social media. No word on what happened to the guy they pulled over, but I am assuming that he probably just got a ticket or maybe even just a warning. Pro Tip I would not advise trying this on any law enforcement officer it may not be taken in stride as well as in this situation.

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