About a month ago while petting my dog Sunny I felt a marble-sized lump on her belly, after a visit to the vet I was shocked to find out what the lump is.

I feel like I need to give you a little history, our last dog Rawko was diagnosed with cancer after I found a similar-sized bump on him, and we had to put Rawko down at the age of 8 after the cancer spread so much that he was unable to do anything.

So, needless to say, after this latest lump was found on Sunny, anxiety was high to identify this lump and make sure Sunny didn't succumb to the same fate as Rawko.

I was able to take Sunny to the vet on Monday and what I found out stunned me! It turns out that what I was feeling was her belly button, that's right, dogs do have a belly button and Sunny must have an "outie" belly button and that's what I was feeling.

Tony Hart
Tony Hart

While I was initially shocked to find out what I was feeling, after thinking about it for a minute it makes complete sense, after all a belly button is just the scare and reminisce of the umbilical cord from the mother to the baby. All mammals, except for marsupials like kangaroos and monotremes like the platypus, have an umbilical cord and therefore have some sort of belly button.

In general, the belly button on dogs can be hard to spot as they are small and often covered in hair, so you probably never have seen or felt it, I know I have never felt one before.

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