Initially, this particular story infuriated me until I read further and thanks to the awesome parents of this little boy I felt so much better about the society we live in. When I was growing up things were sure very gender specific as far as games, toys, etc. I was a major tomboy all my friends were boys, I hated playing with dolls and instead loved sports and did not mind getting dirty. Thankfully my parents were super supportive and never pressured me into doing things or acting a certain way.

This new generation of kids coming up is a beautiful one. These kids are so open-minded and so ahead of their time to the point where I would never have believed that this could happen. And you know how it did? Parents who instilled this belief system in their children and really important and influential people in their lives like teachers.

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This brings me to this story According to the website Scary Mommy a little 3-year-old preschooler named Ashton Shearhod came home from school upset because his teacher had told him that nail polish was only for girls and not boys. Thankfully his parents are not narrow-minded and in response, his dad brought Ashton to a salon to get him a mani/pedi.

This video on Tik Tok went viral within days racking up over 4 million views. In an interview with NBC News Shearhod said "I really just wanted to make sure that he didn’t have guilt or shame, because it is something that he enjoyed, and we had done together multiple times." That is exactly it, shaming a three-year-old child. Kids don't care if a boy is wearing nail polish they are innocent of any prejudices. That garbage is taught to them by adults. Shame on that teacher, hopefully, he or she has apologized to this little boy, and Ashton I think your nails look awesome!

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