Josh Homme explained the importance of artists taking control of their careers, adding that he’s gotten better at politely rejecting ideas as he’s gotten older.

The Queens of the Stone Age frontman was a guest on the Tuna on Toast With Stryker podcast, where he detailed how specific struggles in the music industry have changed.

“There used to be this battle you’d have with your record company, trying to make sure you could do your thing your way,” Homme explained. “That battle is over now. And that’s nice because now the battle is essentially someone’s desire for you to expose every aspect of yourself. So it’s just a different battle.”

For Homme, the line is drawn at social media. The Queens of the Stone Age frontman admitted he routinely says “there’s no fucking way” when someone suggests he should be sharing more of his personal life online. He further noted that the art of saying no is something every artist should develop.

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“I was cocky little shit when I was 20,” Homme admitted. “So saying no and learning how to say no when you feel uncomfortable about anything that’s like that takes a second. And there’s something wonderful about getting to a spot, whatever age that is, where you feel comfortable saying, ‘Hey, I hear what you’re saying but no.’ There’s a peace that comes with that that’s kind of wonderful.”

“There’s no reason to add being a jerk about the no that you’re no-ing,” Homme continued. “[But] I think sometimes you feel if I don’t do this, is there some slippery slope? Is it all connected? If I pull one stick out is the whole thing gonna fall down? That feeling, I don’t have that feeling anymore.”

Josh Homme Says Making ‘In Times New Roman … ’ Was Difficult

Queens of the Stone Age’s latest album, In Times New Roman ..., was released in June. Although Homme is proud of the LP, he admitted it was not easy to make.

“For whatever reason, making a Queens record has become more difficult,” he explained. "And that’s certainly my fault. If it was like, ‘Well, who is responsible for that?’ I’d put my hand up amongst the guys. But I think also because I want to put everything I have into it. ... I don’t take myself overly seriously, but I take the process of a Queens record seriously. Like if I’m working with Eagles of Death Metal or producing a record or collaborating in some way, I feel like that’s much easier for me to enjoy that process. And it’s not like I don’t enjoy making a Queens record. It’s just that it always, it feels a little bit like mountaineering. It feels like an accomplishment and it feels great to do, but it doesn’t feel simple.”

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Queens of the Stone Age are in the middle of a North American tour that runs through October. The trek includes stops at Riot Fest in Chicago and the Aftershock festival in Sacramento.

From there, the band will head overseas for a run of performances in Europe and the U.K.

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