Did Slipknot just share the names of their two new members?

The group parted ways with both longtime keyboardist Craig Jones and drummer Jay Weinberg last year, though they haven't actually played a show with Weinberg's replacement just yet. Jones split last June, so they had a handful of performances with a mystery keyboardist.

Slipknot's first show with their new drummer will be this Saturday (April 27) at Sick New World festival, but it appears they've already unveiled both new members' identities on a new website, youcantkillme.com.

Remember when Avenged Sevenfold launched an entire alternate reality game ahead of the announcement of their album Life Is But a Dream...? This feels a lot like that, so keep reading as we break it down below.

What the New Slipknot Website Features

The page looks similar to what a website looked like back in the early 2000s, and considering there are pictures from the band's 1999 lineup in the middle of the page, it's likely that it's meant to serve as some sort of teaser for the 25th anniversary of their self-titled album.

"Pay attention... the answers are all around," scrolling text at the top of the page reads.

Thus, it seems that there are clues hidden around the page.

The Page Contains References to the Band's Old Website

If you click the image of the band in the middle of the main page, it brings you to another screen where there is some sort of riddle about a seed. The Slipknot Wiki Page states that "The Seed" was a poem written by Corey Taylor, which was featured on their website around the year 2000.

There are also tabs on the bottom of the site that bring you to different screens. The "Guestbook" has reviews from fans, with a note at the top that reads, "Thanx for checking out our site. If you want to add to our guest book you should’ve been here 25 years ago."

The "Music" tab shows the songs "Eyeless," "Wait and Bleed," "Surfacing," "Spit It Out" and "Me Inside," which was a track included on the digipak version of the album [via Slipknot Wiki]. Downloads are also referred to as "modems," which is how music was listened to back in the dial-up internet days.

The very bottom of every page also has a note that says, "This page was last updated on 04-25-2024," so it's possible that they'll reveal something else this Thursday.

Slipknot Fans Uncovered Some Clues

A Slipknot fan on Reddit apparently uncovered some of the clues by finding a hidden video in the website and opening its source code. The code for the file showed all of the current members' first names, but there are two that are new — Eloy and Jeff.

The Reddit user shared a screenshot of the faces of the band members from the video, which you can see below.

Slipknot Members' Faces in Hidden Video on Website
Reddit.com/r/Slipknot - u/tmt1983

Who Are Eloy and Jeff?

It's been rumored that Slipknot's new drummer is former Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande. He left Sepultura suddenly in February to "pursue a career in another project," according to a statement from the band.

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Slipknot posted a photo of a broken drumstick shortly after, and it was the same brand of drumstick that Casagrande is known for using.

We're not sure who Jeff is, though some Reddit users in the comments speculated that it's Jeff Karnowski from Dirty Little Rabbits, which Clown and Tortilla Man were both involved with in the 2000s.

Stay tuned, as we'll share more updates as they're uncovered.

Did Slipknot Just Share the Names of Their Two New Members?

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