Rapper and viral rapper/internet personality Lil Tay has re-emerged in the wake of a recent death hoax and, while on Instagram Live, showcased her guitar chops by playing Metallica's all-time classic "Master of Puppets."

Who Is Lil Tay?

Lil Tay is a 14-year-old internet celebrity who was born Claire Eileen Qi Hope in Atlanta, Georgia. She moved to Vancouver, Canada with her family early in life and garnered viral fame over her rap music videos for a short period of time in 2018. Lil Tay's sudden career came to an abrupt halt amid a parental custody battle.

In August, Lil Tay's mother Angela Tian was awarded $275,000 in a custody dispute with Lil Tay's father, Chris Hope. Around this time, the star addressed the death hoax and alleged hack of her Instagram account. She also declared that amid the rumors of her passing, there was misinformation spread "to the point that even my name was wrong," adding, "My legal name is Tay Tian, not 'Claire Hope'."

Lil Tay's Instagram Live performance marks the first time she has shown her face in five years.

The live session also coincided with the release of the music video for Lil Tay's new song "SUCKER 4 GREEN."

Lil Tay Plays Metallica's "Master of Puppets"

Fans captured video clips of Lil Tay's Instagram Live performance where she plays Metallica's "Master of Puppets" on guitar.

The song received a nice viral bump in the summer of 2022 after being featured in the finale of Season 4 of hit TV show Stranger Things, and it may get a nice little boost again thanks to Lil Tay's return.

Watch clips below.

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About the Lil Tay Death Hoax

On Aug. 9, it was reported that Lil Tay has died following an announcement that appeared on her Instagram page. It read,

It is with a heavy heart that we share the devastating news of our beloved Claire's sudden and tragic passing," the Instagram statement reads. "We have no words to express the unbearable loss and indescribable pain. This outcome was entirely unexpected, and has left us all in shock. Her brother's passing adds an even more unimaginable depth to our grief. During this time of immense sorrow, we kindly ask for privacy as we grieve this overwhelming loss, as the circumstances surrounding Claire and her brother's passing are still under investigation. Claire will forever remain in our hearts, her absence leaving in an irreparable void that will be felt by all who knew and loved her.

When father Chris Hope was contacted, he did not confirm nor deny Lil Tay (Claire Hope/Tay Tian) had passed away. Lil Tay then told TMZ she was still alive and that her death had been the work of jackers.

Meanwhile, the star's former manager, Harry Tsang, has publicly doubted the that hackers were responsible.

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