It was a lovefest on The Allison Hagendorf Show, as the members of Motley Crue took some time out to share their love for one another, and in the process give us some insight into the ties that have bonded them so closely over the years.

Loudwire has an exclusive sneak preview of Allison's chat with the band members that you can check out below and keep reading to see what each musician said about each other.

Motley Crue Join The Allison Hagendorf Show

What John 5 Loves About His Motley Crue Bandmates

As the new guy in the band, guitarist John 5 was tasked with going first and getting the compliments rolling about his bandmates.

Speaking about singer Vince Neil, John 5 admits, "I've known Nikki and Tommy forever, for decades, but meeting Vince, I was very nervous. I loved Vince forever, and he's the reason I have blonde hair and stuff like that."

He continued, "I don't think there would be a Motley Crue without Vince Neil, without that voice and that sound. And I'm really, really thankful for that. It's incredible. When he steps up there and sings every night, it just blows my mind."

The guitarist also shared his brotherly closeness with bassist Nikki Sixx, with drummer Tommy Lee, razzing the two about hanging out and going to the mall together. And John jokingly says of Tommy Lee, "I feel like me and Tommy have the same personality. We are very thankful for everything and love life and I feel like we're pretty much the same person. Not from the waist down, but pretty much the same person."

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YouTube: Allison Hagendorf

What Nikki Sixx Loves About His Motley Crue Bandmates

Nikki Sixx shared an interesting perspective on singer Vince Neil, telling Hagendorf, "I love Vince because he doesn't overthink things. He is our audience. When I talk to Vince about things ... he won't overthink it. He'll just tell it how it is."

The bassist adds, "I always appreciate I can lean on him as a friend. He's been one of my best friends forever. And without that voice, I wouldn't be sitting here today. That voice changed my life. And I get to write lyrics for this guy. And every time I write, I hear his voice. This is, I feel, such a privilege."

Sixx then shared his appreciation for getting to create with Tommy Lee and revealed his admiration for the drummer's skill, especially given that he rarely sees him practice.

"He's a fucking monster drummer," adds Sixx.

As for John 5, he reiterated the closeness of their longtime friendship and how great it is now that after years of creating ideas with the guitarist, they now get to do it in the same band.

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YouTube: Allison Hagendorf

What Vince Neil Loves About His Motley Crue Bandmates

Vince Neil was very complimentary about John 5, the new guy in the band. "I just love his enthusiasm, his guitar playing. He's just a super nice guy and he's really hard to hate," gushed Neil.

He then added the ultimate compliment, "He's the best guitar player I've ever seen. Just the stuff he does onstage, usually a guitar player does the solos and stuff and I'm not really interested — I'm going to get some water and stuff, but with John, I watch him every night. He does some stuff that I just go, 'How do you do that? How does your brain come up with that?'"

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Neil then relayed the long-running friendship since he and Tommy Lee were 16-years-old, adding, "I don't know. You can't not love Tommy because he's enthusiastic, you know? But he's just so fucking funny, you know? He's got a sense of humor. That's great. And I just love him."

As for Nikki Sixx, Neil joked, "I've got nothing good to say about Nikki," before sharing, "I love Nikki. Nikki's such a smart person. He is always analyzing something, you know? And he's just a smart, smart guy."

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YouTube: Allison Hagendorf

What Tommy Lee Loves About His Motley Crue Bandmates

Tommy Lee started with Vince Neil, one of the longest friendships he's had in his life and recalling Neil's sexual prowess. "I always admired him. I've never seen anything like it. Like, every fucking chick, every hot chick in school was fucking in his jammies, like, all over the place," recalled Lee. "And I was just like, God, there's chicks everywhere. Literally everywhere. And he's just beating them off him. I've always admired that."

But on a more serious note, he added, "There's something special that Vince has that absolutely nobody else has. And that's his fucking voice. Nobody sounds like Vince. That's a big deal to say because so many people sound and look like other people aspire to be like somebody else. He is Vince and this is beautiful. There's only one Vince Neil and I love him to death."

Lee says of Sixx, the drummer reflected on starting Motley Crue with the bassist. He then added, "I feel like we're the parents sometimes. Like, we started this fucking mess. His dedication, drive, enthusiasm, his fucking lyrical genius is ... there's only certain people that can do that stuff. He's got a gift of gab and gift of words and he does that wonderfully."

"He's a true friend also and supported me and my fucking crazy ups and downs. I can't say enough," concluded Lee about Sixx.

Lee then complimented John 5's wealth of musical knowledge and the personality that he's brought to the band. "The guy is extremely talented and I dare you to stump him by asking him to play something and him not know it. It's not possible," says Lee. "There's a lot of great musicians out there, but he's one of the sweetest persons I've met, and that, to me, makes him a fucking champion."

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YouTube: Allison Hagendorf

Motley Crue in 2024

Motley Crue recently released their first new song in five years and the first track to come from the John 5 era, "Dogs of War." The band also paired it with an Easter egg-filled video with nods to various stages of their musical career.

The band also has a summer of touring on the horizon, with their next North American tour leg kicking off with their June 21 appearance at Milwaukee's Summerfest. See all the upcoming dates and get Motley Crue ticketing information through their website.

And be sure to check out Motley Crue's full interview with Alllison Hagendorf on The Allison Hagendorf Show (co-produced by Danny Wimmer Presents) available on Apple Podcasts and through YouTube later today.

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