Poison's Bret Michaels has shared a health update, opening up about a recent cancer scare and an intervening medical procedure he underwent. The singer urges regular check-ups after being inspired to see a doctor following the September death of Jimmy Buffett, who had been receiving treatment for Merkel cell skin cancer in recent years years.

In early 2020, Michaels informed fans that he was scheduled for two surgeries, one to address a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder and another to remove skin cancer which was detected through a biopsy.

On Instagram, the 60-year-old Michaels shared two photos, one showing the surgical wound near his right hip/lower abdomen and another in a backstage area, ready to hit the stage just one day later.

"Just knowing that I absolutely love the outdoors and the sun but with the recent passing of my friend Jimmy Buffett, I decided it was time for a more recent check up of something I thought was nothing," the singer begins, "Turns out, it was something."

He's grateful for Dr. Darren West, who identified an area of concern via biopsy and quickly took care of Michaels "just before the Texas show" over the weekend.

The Poison frontman continued, "I'm here to say that there's not enough words of gratitude for all that doctors do for so many of us which not only may have saved my life but surely extended it and, although not completely out of the woods yet, I feel strongly all will be great. Much love and gratitude to my family that encouraged me to get this check up."

Issuing advice for others looking to maintain their physical wellbeing, the rocker urged, "So...to all my friends that love the outdoors and the sun as much as I do - all I can say is, get checked so we can keep living and rocking the outdoors. You are never out of the fight until the fight is out of you…Remain unbroken, my friends!"

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Loudwire wishes Michaels well and hopes all continues to go well.

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