What are the second best songs of the '80s most notable rock one hit wonders?

No band ever sets out with the idea that one song will make their career and most would likely love the idea of having a steady flow of hits spread out over decades. But you can't always get what you want, as The Rolling Stones once sang. And there are some acts that come to terms with the idea that one song will constantly overshadow the remainder of their work.

In some cases, like that of David + David, the longevity of the career contributed to their one hit status. With just one album to their credit, we never got to see what else might have come. But for every David + David, there's a Kix, a group that scored one massive radio hit yet continually put out albums and solid material for decades but never found that second song that reached the heights of their most well-known track.

In revisiting these one hit wonders, it's interesting to see that there are some acts who actually have recognizable second best songs, ones that never enjoyed the chart success of their smash, while other acts really did never have a follow-up that amounted to any significant airplay.

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What are the second best songs of these 10 1980s rock one hit wonders? Check out the gallery below and take a listen.

The Second Best Song of 10 1980s One Hit Wonders

You may remember these '80s rock songs, but what was the second best song by each of these bands?

Gallery Credit: Chad Childers, Loudwire

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