There are few action movie actors as instantly recognizable as Jason Statham, the steely-voiced Brit whose baleful gaze and skill at stunt work make him one of the most sought after action actors working today. Often slipping into his trademark Cockney accent, Statham brings a street level machismo that grounds even the most out-there plots. You always know what to expect with a guy like Statham, and even so, he’ll often surprise you.

A former diver and sportswear model, Statham was discovered when Guy Ritchie was casting for his first feature, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and needed someone to play a small time crook making money hawking his stolen wares on street corners. Having done a little bit of that himself in his actual life to make some extra money, Statham got the job, launching a robust film career and a frequent actor-director partnership.

Following his almost instant success and worldwide acclaim, Statham became the type of action movie actor every action movie wants to work with, casting him in everything from psychedelic high-concept crime films like Crank to hysterical parody movies like Spy and everything in between. He developed driver Frank Martin into a franchise character with The Transporter, and ran away with the show when he menaced Dom Toretto and his familia in Furious 7. Here, we dive into his ten best films, and come back up with a lot of guns, a lot of cars, and a lot of how-did-he-do-that spin-kicks to the head.

The Best Jason Statham Action Movies

When you need an intense British guy for your action movie, there's no better choice than Jason Statham.

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