The following post contains spoilers for Dune: Part Two. It’s about to get spicy up in here.

Dune: Part Two was supposed to conclude the two-part adaptation of Frank Herbert’s epic sci-fi novel. And it did. But it also very clearly left a cliffhanger for a third film to follow, with Paul Atreides starting an intergalactic holy war and Chani leaving him at the end of the film — which is actually quite a departure from what happens in Herbert’s novel.

So what’s next for Dune? Villeneuve has already said he does hope to some day make a third Dune movie, based on Herbert’s Dune Messiah. In our latest video, we theorize about what that movie will look like — and consider how the changes to the original book could greatly impact what the Dune Messiah film will look like. Plus, we’ll explore how all of this will affect the upcoming Dune streaming series coming to Max. Watch below for all the details:

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