Dune: Part Two is definitely the part of a larger story; the second half of the tale original told in Frank Herbert’s epic sci-fi novel. Director Denis Villeneuve filmed the first half of Herbert’s book as Dune, released in 2021. The conclusion to the saga now appears in his Dune: Part Two.

While the new film begins with some very brief images and descriptions of what transpired in the first film, it really doesn’t include a big recap or montage that lays out everything that happened before. If you haven’t seen Dune in three years, or you never saw it at all, you might be a bit confused about Paul Atreides, spice, the Bene Gesserit, and more.

Our latest video is here to help. We recap everything you need to know about Dune ahead of Dune: Part Two — and in way less time than it would take to watch the movie (much less read that gigantic Herbert novel). Watch our full Dune recap below:

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