The development of a brand-new sequel to the original film of The Exorcist was revealed nearly two years ago. Now the movie is just a few months from release, and it has its first posters and an official title: The Exorcist: Believer.

The project is a full-on legacyquel, with Ellen Burstyn reprising her role from the first film some 50 years ago. (Supposedly, while Burstyn’s character hasn’t appeared in one of these movies in half a century, the prior sequels — there were two, plus a pair of loosely connected prequels — all remain in continuity.)

Take a look at the posters for the new Exorcist below.

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That earlier report from several years ago about this new Exorcist said it would also star Leslie Odom Jr., and that he “will play the father of a possessed child. Desperate for help, he tracks down Ms. Burstyn’s character. Suffice it to say, Satan is not thrilled to see her again.” In the original Exorcist, Burstyn played the mother to Regan, the little girl whose mysterious affliction turns out to be demonic possession. While Regan (played by Linda Blair) returned in the infamous Exorcist II: The Heretic, Burstyn’s character never appeared in the franchise again until now.

The Exorcist: Believer is scheduled to open in theaters on October 13. Word is the film is expected to be the first chapter of a whole series of new Exorcist movies. It is directed by David Gordon Green, who previously updated another horror franchise with a series of legacyquels: Halloween.

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