Zack Snyder’s Netflix sci-fi epic Rebel Moon wound up being so epic that Netflix decided to release it in two parts. The first half, A Child of Fire, premiered during the holiday season. The finale, The Scargiver, is now just a month from release on streaming.

In this second half of the story, the assembled heroes (think the Rebels) who were gathered in the first film to defend a remote planet from the evil forces of Motherworld (think the Empire from Star Wars) are finally ready to help their friends fend off an invasion. Clearly inspired by a combo of Star Wars and The Magnificent Seven (or Seven Samurai, if you prefer), the first movie really didn’t do much more than put all of the pieces in place for this conclusion.

And the full trailer for the finale certainly looks action-packed! Take a look at it below:

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There’s also a new poster for the film...


While I am curious to see how the second half of the story plays out, I can’t pretend I was a huge fan of the first part of Rebel Moon. As I wrote in my review of Part One: A Child of Fire...

The constant changes in location, along with all this interesting character and production design, means Rebel Moon is never boring to look at. It’s everything else in Rebel Moon that’s boring. The characters are all generic stock types from other stuff: The mysteriously endowed hero who fell out of the sky (Sofia Boutella’s Kora); the fallen general searching for redemption (Djimon Hounsou’s Titus); the charming smuggler with a heart of gold (Charlie Hunnam), and so on. The actors all look great but bring nothing new or memorable to the table. And just when Kora puts her magnificent seven together, the film abruptly stops.

Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on April 19. Unlike the first film, it is not getting a limited release in theaters prior to its streaming premiere.

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