I've often wondered; when it comes to retiring in Minnesota, where would be the best place to live in Minnesota? Do you want to be surrounded by lakes? Do you want to be surrounded by shopping malls? Maybe you want to be out in the woods.

A new study by Fidelity, says that most people want to retire on their terms when the time comes. They want to be able to focus on their passions, spend time with the people they care about, travel, explore new activities, and make new memories.

Minnesota has a lot to offer not only because of our lakes and outdoor activities but also because of our top-ranking health care system. Compared to other states, our cost of living is actually below average, which can be a benefit to older people being on a fixed income. Here are some of the towns that were listed as the best to live in retirement years.


WorldAtlas.com says that Ely is one of the best small towns to visit, so maybe living there in your retirement years, might be a great option. You'll be living in black bear country, and if you are interested in preserving wolf populations, you can visit the International Wolf Center, and learn more about them. According to Zillow, the average rent in Ely is $972.



Hutchinson is a wonderful place to go if you love to visit boutiques, art galleries, and many wonderful places to eat. There are popular attractions for people who enjoy biking, walking, or hiking. They also have an aquatic center, that offers a lap pool, a lazy river, and a zipline, plus an old-fashioned theater built back in 1937. With a population of 15,000 residents, this might be a place you can see yourself in the future.



Living in Crookston, you can find an affordable home, be close to the Red Lake River, and enjoy historic buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries. The average cost of homes in Crookston is approximately $185,000. If you love food, this might be a fun place to live. Cafes, coffee shops, business restaurants, and of course a bunch of fast food chains. You are also very close to the Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge, where you can enjoy the beauty of a wide range of creatures, from mammals to butterflies, amphibians, bald eagles, and more.



Could I? Should I? Go back to my old college town in my senior years? Bemidji is definitely for those who love the great outdoors. I remember downhill skiing every winter, boating every summer, and lots of cross-country ski trails. Polar plunges, hockey, Winterfest. Plus with the college in Bemidji, you have a great place to see some concerts and many dining options.



According to Zillow, the average rent in Albert Lea is $1160 which is $890 lower than the national average. Albert Lea is another great place to enjoy hiking, canoeing, and camping, and is just minutes away from Myre-BigIsland State Park. Albert Lea has a historical Museum, with an art gallery, a library, and exhibitions, and is all about live performances, festivals, food, and fun.



Sometimes we live so close to paradise, that we don't even realize it—picnicking, camping, and hiking at Charles A. Lindbergh State Park. Little Falls has the Pine Grove Zook and features many museums, and if you like fishing, you'll want to visit the Minnesota Fishing Museum and Hall of Fame. The typical cost of homes in Little Falls as of February 2024 is approximately $254,000.


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