UNDATED (WJON News) -- A top political analyst in Minnesota believes a rematch between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden is not inevitable.

Fluence Media's Blois Olson says he's been saying for a while now that he thinks there's a one in three chance that both Trump and Biden will be on the November ballot.

He says after last week's special council report he's even more confident that Biden might not be the Democrat's nominee.

My timeline is like May.  The Democrats will gather the leadership, maybe the executive council, and they are going to say, "Look, if our ultimate goal is to make sure Donald Trump is not President, what can we do if Joe Biden is vulnerable?"

Several people close to President Biden have been speaking on his behalf over the weekend to counteract the narrative that his memory is failing.

Meanwhile, with former President Trump facing several criminal trials, his path to the ballot is complicated. Olson says he also continues to make controversial statements.

He publicly asked where Nikki Haley's husband is.  Nikki Haley's husband is overseas serving our country in the military.

Early voting is currently underway in Minnesota for the Presidential Primary, with the Presidential Primary election day on Tuesday, March 5th, which is part of Super Tuesday.


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