Jingles are key in advertising because they make ads memorable and help brands stand out. These catchy tunes stick in people's minds, making it easier to remember a product or service. For example, "The Best Part of Waking Up..." immediately brings Folgers coffee to mind. A well-made jingle can evoke emotions and create a positive association with the brand.

A Rochester, Minnesota company enlisted a musician with 16 number-one hits to create a catchy jingle for their business. Click play on the media player below to hear the jingle and see if you can guess the singer.

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Can You Guess the Superstar Singing This Minnesota Company's Jingle?

Click play to listen to the jingle.

Jingles enhance brand recognition and can significantly boost the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. While you think about who is singing that jingle, here are other examples of well-known musicians performing jingles for companies.

American Song Writer published an article featuring 7 examples. Did you know Justin Timberlake was hired by McDonald's and came up with "I'm Lovin' It' and “Ba-da-ba-ba-ba”? I was surprised to learn that the Rolling Stones sang a jingle for Rice Krispies in the 1960s and Brian Johnson from ACDC did a jingle for Hoover Vacuums.

Which Superstar Is Singing This Minnesota Company's Jingle:


Shawn Buryska, Coldwell Banker’s top real estate agent in Rochester, Minnesota, leads one of the state's best teams. He recently debuted a new jingle for his ad campaigns. Click play to discover the singer.

Gary LeVox is the voice you're hearing. Gary spent 20 years as the frontman for Rascal Flats which released more than 40 singles and had 16 number 1 songs. He's currently pursuing a solo career.

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