Helmets are not required by law in Minnesota, but the State Patrol highly encourages wearing them. Sgt. Troy Christianson says they "can make the difference between life and death. Two-thirds of riders killed in 2022 were not wearing a helmet."

I don't ride motorcycles, but if I were to do so, I'd definitely wear a helmet. I'm accident-prone so I'd prioritize wearing as much protective gear as possible. There is one item that is required to be worn by motorcycle riders in Minnesota, read about that and get some safe-riding tips below.

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Sgt. Christianson encourages all riders to "wear full protective gear, including a helmet" and 'high-viz' gear to make yourself stand out in traffic.

The Minnesota State Trooper shared some more tips that could save your life: 

• Ride as though other drivers don't see you. Don't ever assume another driver knows you're there.

• Never ride impaired or distracted.

• Use turn signals at every lane change or turn.

• Ride at safe speeds and maintain a safe following distance.

Minnesota Motorcycle Laws: Helmets Are Optional, But This Is Required

There is no helmet law in Minnesota, unless the driver is under 18 years old or only has a permit.  Riders are required to wear one very important piece of safety equipment though.


According to Sgt. Christianson, motorcyclists in Minnesota are always required to wear protective eyewear.

The trooper says things like glasses, goggles or a face shield work and are required even if the motorcycle is equipped with a windscreen.

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