I know we have some really amazing homes around Rochester, Minnesota but I guess I never thought that there would be homes quite like this one in our town! This place is described as 'impressive' in the listing, and that might even be an understatement.

It's jaw-dropping, elegant, and has quite the view in the back.

The home, or, sorry, mansion, is listed for $4.9 million. It's kind of right in between the Fox Croft and Mayowood Hills neighborhoods and behind the Baihly Woodlands neighborhood. I'm not sure which one it belongs to but that's the rough area where this home is located.

All of those neighborhoods are quite nice, but this mansion makes all of the rest of the houses look almost sad. It's just so massive and, well, impressive looking. Let's check it out!

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'Impressive' $4.9 Million Mansion for Sale in Rochester, Minnesota

A home that should really be called a mansion is currently for sale in Rochester, Minnesota. It's described in the listing as 'impressive' and that's definitely accurate. Let's take a photo tour!

Gallery Credit: Carly Ross

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