We all long for things from the past that remind us of the 'good old days.' Coca-Cola made with real sugar, Gatorade in glass bottles and Choco Tacos are a few that come to mind.

In general we have shifted away from having sugar in products in favor of high fructose corn syrup and have shifted from natural flavors to chemicals. So it goes.

I have always been of the assumption that companies who make products differently now than they did in the past did so under the impression that the new version was somehow better.

Well, at least they would publicly maintain that the new way is the best way, anyway.

That's why I cannot figure out the back of this General Mills Golden Grahams box. The front of the box touts a 'retro recipe' that is 'made with REAL honey.'


First of all, I guess I didn't realize they didn't use real honey in Golden Grahams. I also cannot say that I am surprised. What did surprise me was the quote on the back of the 'retro' version of the cereal, which is in stores now.

"Inspired by the original Golden Graham's recipe made with a touch of Golden Honey.... Taking you back to the best part of the 80's."

If the BEST PART of the 80's was the ORIGINAL recipe, why not make it that way today?! What does that even mean?

What I read when I see that is 'We usually offer you an inferior product, but for just a few months here let's get it back to the quality you used to be able to expect from us... limited time only.' What even is that?

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