Former quarterback Jim McMahon and six other former players say the NFL hasn’t done enough to address and ensure safety for its players. The effects of violent hits on players’ long-term health is widely known, yet, the players complain, the league hasn’t done enough to monitor players’ conditions. An NFL spokesperson responded denied that the league is acting irresponsibly.

The group hoped to recruit other retired and current players who are now dealing with a lifetime of consequences of concussions or other head-related injuries. Earlier in the summer, a group of 75 other players filed a lawsuit against the NFL, but this is the first potential class-action lawsuit of its kind.

McMahon suffered five concussions during his playing days. Fans admired McMahon for his willingness to sacrifice his body and take a brutal beating from defenders. But if we get a “better, safer game” as a result of this complaint, fans will just have to adjust to a more humane version of the sport they love.

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