When I'm looking for a Bloody Mary, I'm not looking for a small drink. Or a weak drink. Or a few snacks with tomato juice.

I'm looking for a drink with flavor that packs a punch, from the first sip to the last, with plenty of garnishes. You can just tell from the look on my face that I found that at Choo Choo Bar & Grill, 5002 East 3rd St. in Superior.

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Their homemade mix has a good blend of spice and tomato flavor without getting too spicy, and they load it up with pickled onion, spicy dill pickle spears, olives, celery with cheese and bacon. They let you pick your "chaser" from the beers on tap, which is nice, and compared to others, you can't beat the flavor and extra goodies it comes with for the price.

This makes the Choo Choo my main stop on Sunday Funday. They have seven TVs in the bar to watch football, including the NFL Season Ticket so you can catch other games when the Packers aren't playing. On Sundays, they feature 4 for $10 buckets on aluminum bottles.

They also have $1 domestic beer and free pool on Wednesdays.

The Choo Choo is a dream come true for its new owner, who wanted to own a restaurant/bar since she was 18. She took the plunge in mid-April after she noticed the Choo Choo was for sale while driving by the restaurant/bar. Since then, she's kept the things the Choo Choo is known for doing well (like the Bloody Marys) and simplified the menu a bit.

I like the Choo Choo because there is always something on special, so you can have a couple drinks, eat well, and not break the bank. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the food is delicious and I always leave full.

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