With some shifting on the offensive line, T.J. Lang is hoping to make a name for himself on the offensive line for the Pack. With Daryn Colledge leaving for Arizona, the Packers have a hole at left guard. Lang, drafted out of Eastern Michigan in 2009, is competing with rookie Derek Sherrod for the position.

Lang has spent some time moving around the line in a fill-in role so far in his career, and he hopes he can finally make a home for himself at the left tackle position. Lang told the Associated Press earlier this week,

My goal is to start, and the best shot is going to be at left guard, and that's pretty much where all of my focus has been in the first week of camp. That's where I'm really trying to hone my skills.

Even though Lang has been working hard not to be bested by a rookie, Sherrod has been taking most of the snaps so far in practice.


Source: Associated Press via Star Tribune

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