The most traveled space ship in the history of the world, Discovery, blasted off for the last time today from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Discovery is on it's way to the International Space Station.

Discovery is the oldest of the Space Shuttle fleet, which is set to be retired this year. Atlantis and Endeavour still have one flight a piece left, after that the 30 year shuttle program will sadly come to an end.

When Discovery returns in 11 days NASA will begin preparing the shuttle for it's final resting place, a museum.

Discovery already has 143 million miles to its credit, beginning with its first flight in 1984. By the time this mission ends, the shuttle will have tacked on another 4.5 million miles. And it will have spent 363 days in space and circled Earth 5,800 times.

NASA's next mission is to land on Asteroids and on Mars.

Here is the raw NASA footage of Discovery's last launch:

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