Goodbye, magically delicious. Hello mischievously delicious.

Lucky Charms have been around since 1964. Through the years, they’ve undergone a few cosmetic alterations. The design of the cereal’s mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun has evolved. Different shaped marshmallows have been added, like blue diamonds in 1975, purple horseshoes in 1983, red balloons in 1989, and rainbows in 1992. (Can you imagine Lucky Charms without rainbows?!? Blasphemy.)

The latest change is a bit more extreme. For a limited time, Lucky Charms is becoming Loki Charms, in honor of the God of Mischief’s new show on Disney+. You can watch the commercial for the new part of your balanced breakfast below:

Want a box? They will be available on Wednesday June 9 at 11AM ET at (If you’re smart and/or lucky enough to figure out a password, there is a pre-sale that will begin at 9AM ET.)

It doesn’t look like the marshmallow shapes are any different in Loki Charms than they are in Lucky Charms. (Sadly, you won’t get to eat a marshmallow Mjolnir.) But you do get a very spiffy box:

General Mills
General Mills

Only 3,500 boxes of Loki Charms will be available on Wednesday — including 1,000 that will be part of the early pre-sale — so if you want a box, you better set an alarm for Wednesday morning and hope you figure out that secret password. (It’s Loki, so maybe try “th0risaloser123” and see if that works.) Good luck to you all. Also, Loki, now that you’re in charge of Lucky (Loki) Charms, could you use some of your magic to make the marshmallows taste like actual marshmallows? That would be appreciated.

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