Every time me and my brother Max go to shows we usually don't hear at least a song of two from the band we really want to hear, then come to find out they played it a few nights before or a few after we saw them.

We have been waiting to see Megadeth play "Angry Again" live for I can't even tell you how many shows and always are at one they don't play it at.  While we might have missed that song many times, fans at a recent Czech Republic show got a taste of a true rarity from them recently.  Megadeth is currently shredding across Europe on their tour and cranked out "The Conjuring" which is off of their second album "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying" and hasn't been in their set list since 2001 stated to be because of Mustaine's religious beliefs.  What Megadeth song do they not play that you wish they would?

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