Mick Jagger posted a video of himself having "a great time" at a Coldplay concert in London on social media recently. The Rolling Stones frontman clearly doesn't care if you know he loves Coldplay, see for yourself by watching his video below.

The lights were off in Wembley Stadium, except for the spotlight on the stage and thousands and thousands of LED bracelets as everyone sang along to Coldplay's "Fix You." Jagger had box seats at the show, which had an incredible view of the entire stadium.

"Fix You" can be a real tearjerker, but Jagger didn't shed any tears while jamming out to the song, instead he waved his hands in the air, one equipped with an LED bracelet, with a huge smile on his face.

Rolling Stone reports that Coldplay and Jagger have some history, in 2014 Coldplay dedicated a performance of "Fix You" to Jagger after his longtime fashion designer girlfriend passed away. Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin also showed off his impression of Jagger during Carpool Karaoke with James Corden in 2016, revealing that the key to nailing the impression is starting off at a higher pitch and ending low and slow.

Watch Mick Jagger have a blast at a Coldplay concert, which he describes as "a real busman's holiday." (A busman's holiday is defined as a holiday that is spent doing the same thing you do at work.) The Rolling Stones wrapped up their SIXTY tour with their last show on Aug. 3 in Berlin, Germany, and we wonder what concert Jagger will make an appearance at next.

Coldplay's Wembley Stadium concert was originally on Aug. 19, but due to "planned industrial action on the London Underground network" there was insufficient transport for concertgoers so the concert was rescheduled to Aug. 21, according to the band's website.

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