Suicide can be a tough subject to talk about.  Sadly, too many of us know someone who has taken their life, and enough others have thought about it at some point.  We need to keep reminding everyone that there is help out there in many forms and that includes just calling or texting 988 anytime of the day or night.

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988 is the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline offering free and confidential support to those who need it.

Last weekend I took the wife to see her favorite band, Shinedown.  They are on their "The Revolutions Live" tour and made a stop at The Target Center in Minneapolis.  The tickets were an easy Valentine's Day gift that I knew I would enjoy too, as Shinedown always puts on a banging show.

One thing I noticed on the tickets was a note about $1 from each ticket on the tour going to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Considering Shinedown sells a lot of tickets to their shows, that probably will add up pretty quickly.

Later into the concert, Brent Smith, the band's front man, took a few moments to talk about the cause and encourage anyone struggling to reach out.  He also mentioned that from the sales at that point for the tour, over $150,000 had been raised.  That's a whole lot of money going towards suicide prevention research.

I know they aren't the only band to help out various causes, but it's still really nice to see a portion of the tickets we spend a lot of money on go to support something that can affect so many lives.

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