We are all guilty of ordering things we don't need on Amazon, right? It looks like scammers have found a way to cash in on our obsession.

Officials with Otter Tail County are warning their residents about a scam that has been circling around in the area. After reading about it, I can say that this one would be hard not to fall for.

According to their warning, which was posted on their Facebook page recently, the sheriff's office in the area has been made aware of the scam, which works like so many others.

Residents of Otter Tail County receive a phone call from a seasoned scammer claiming to be from Amazon. The scammer says that someone has been spending suspiciously on your Amazon account. The scammer may also tell you that someone has been putting items on hold on your account.

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So how do you remedy the fake situation? The scammer uses the old trick of asking for your personal information, credit card numbers and banking information. They say they will need this verify your account and offer you a refund.

The method of this scam is certainly nothing new but because scammers are getting so advanced, they can be convincing. Not only that but most of us have been doing more online shopping than ever throughout quarantine and the pandemic.

As if the scam wasn't already tricky enough, it was recently Amazon Prime Day. This is an annual mega-sale that offers big deals to Prime members. While it is officially over now, it could definitely make the scam seem legitimate to the person on the line with the scammer.

If you receive a call like this and are a Minnesota resident, you are asked to call the Otter Tail County Sheriff's Office at 218-998-8555. The county is about three hours from the Twin Ports so it would not be shocking if the scam made its way to our area soon.

Stay alert and make sure you keep track of all your online shopping, even if it makes you scared to check your bank account!

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