A Minnesota man tried to claim a $300,000 insurance payout, plus GoFundMe donations after staging an attack over his presidential endorsement.

During the last Presidential campaign, a man from Minnesota claimed that he was attacked due to who he supported. According to CBS Minnesota, the 29 year-old  from Brooklyn Center had a Trump flag at his property and falsely claimed his garage was burned by left-wing extremists in the insurance scam attempt.

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The man claims that he woke up early that September morning to a "loud boom or bang". Turns out, he actually set his own garage on fire. The report also had his car and three other vehicles on fire. He even sprayed graffiti on his garage with an anarchy symbol, and also sprayed "BLM" and "Biden 2020".

He also raised $17,000 in donations from two different GoFundMe fundraisers, however both have since been taken down form the site. He even accused his insurance company by saying they were "defrauding him". Oh, how the tables have turned.

CBS Minnesota said the man has been charged with two counts of wire fraud in connection of the incident according to The U.S. Attorney's Office. The originally story when everyone thought the man was actually attacked got widespread attention throughout the United States.

I just can't get over the lengths some people will go through to get money. I could never imagine setting any of my stuff on fire just to get insurance money.

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