According to WDIO the Minnesota Senate has passed a bill requiring all drivers to use hand's free devices while driving a vehicle in Minnesota. We all know the hazards of distracted driving and now with the technology of smartphones this has become a rampant problem that has caused countless accidents and even fatalities in some cases.

The 56-10 Vote yesterday was sent back to the House for review because the senators had some provisions to make that were not included in the House Bill. Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz said he would sign a hands-free bill if and when it comes across his desk.

The version from the Senate would allow drivers to hold a device to use GPS Navigation Apps while the House requires voice activation. I have the ability to hook my phone up to a small screen in my dashboard making it hands free but this can be very distracting as well. I do use my voice activation to talk on my phone and do find it much easier to concentrate then to actually be holding a phone, but again just talking on the phone can become distracting as well. Each person needs to be conscious of paying attention to the road even with all the modern technology we have now any distractions can be hazardous.

Minnesota would become one of 18 states plus the District of Columbia that require drivers to use hands-free devices while driving.


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