The Minnesota Twins announced that their annual TwinsFest will be postponed, but they will bring back the Minnesota Twins Winter Caravan.

The decision to postpone TwinsFest comes on the heels of a Major League Baseball player's lockout. The Minnesota Twins are also a little concerned about COVID protocols.  Just about everyone had expected both to go by the wayside.

The Pioneer Press is reporting that last year because of the COVID conditions and things being canceled, the Minnesota Twins came up with a virtual TwinsFest and it worked out good, so they are talking about doing that again this year because there won't be any players and it's still a way for fans to meet their favorites, but virtually.

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The Minnesota Twins are bringing back the Winter Caravan from Jan. 30-Feb. 4 after postponing it last winter, but players will not be attending those meetings because they will be locked out.

The Twins announced the return of the Caravan, and also announced they will celebrate many of the nonprofit partners of the Twins Community Fund, as part of a longer list of fan-engagement experiences set to take place this winter, including the 16th annual "Holiday Week of Giving" from Dec. 13-17.

The Twins made it clear because of the lockout there will be no current players at the Caravan event. There may be some Twins celebrities and haven't announced any names of anyone that will be taking part yet, but they said it was still taking shape.

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