The Minnesota Department of Transportation or MnDOT, has a vision for the state transportation system and they want to share it with you.

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I can think of very few people who don't complain about road construction, I'm in the list of people that does.  Still, I know that it's necessary to improve things for everyone that uses the roads.  The goal of course is to make travel more efficient and with less accidents.  While road construction and updates are necessary, sometimes the way they do things, like the routing of highways for example, doesn't seem to make sense.

On Monday, May 24th from 5:30-7:00PM, you're invited to participate in a virtual discussion.  MnDOT planners will be hanging out online with you giving you the chance to ask questions you might have.  They will also take the time to share plans for the Minnesota's roadways for years to come.  Topics to be discussed will include climate change and how that impacts things, aging infrastructure throughout the state, economic impacts, employment, equity, safety, and even transportation options.

This is your chance to ask some really good questions and hopefully get some really good answers as to current and future roadwork in Minnesota.  MnDOT will also feature a trivia competition that gives you the chance to tell personal stories of how transportation impacts your life.  They are having several of these virtual transportation talks over the next couple of months and this one is for the Northeast Minnesota region.  To sign up to participate in this one and find the other dates for another region you can do that HERE.

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